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Free Workbench Kit Plans

You can use any of the following wood bench kit designs to create your very own workbench in your shade or garage to complete any of your wood bench kit projects and in the process create some extra storage space, depending on your preferred style. These free workbench kit designs vary in the cost of supplies, skill level and also the time that it is going to take you to complete them. It is exceedingly important to select a workbench plan that you are going to use carefully. Furthermore, you should also take note of the space that you have in your area and also the purpose of the workbench.

After you have carefully selected a workbench plan and used it to build your workbench, you can also use it to build a bookcase, doghouse or a picnic table. You can then move on to bigger projects such as building a router table, pergola, desk, chicken coop, gazebo or any other readily available woodworking plans.

Simple Workbench Kit Plan

There are several wood bench kit plans out there, but very few of them require plywood. Plywood makes a stable and flat work surface and does not necessarily need to be clamped, planned or glued. Additionally it can also be easily replaced in case it wears off after years of abuse. If the idea of constructing drawers makes you the user break into cold sweat, then you should build a workbench that has two shelf sections and forget the drawers completely. This is a free workbench plan that you can use to build a sturdy but simple workbench plan in just one day. The simple workbench plan also includes bottom drawers and and a bottom shelf for storage.


Garage Workbench Plan

The garage workbench plan is also another exceedingly easy plan for the family handy man. Just as the name suggests, this workbench plan is perfect for the garage. The finished project includes a shelf, drawers and a top, which holds out for the extra workspace. The entire project can be completed in just a single day and the total cost for the project is 132 dollars. Tools to be used in this project include, drill, circular saw and jigsaw. To begin this project begin first by gathering all the necessary materials for your garage workbench and then assemble the main components. After which, you should fasten the drawer and shelf divider. Attach the back and then build your drawers. The fourth step is installing the folding top. Finally, cut and then assemble the supporting arms and apply a finish.


Simple Popular Mechanics Workbench

The simple popular mechanics workbench is an exceedingly nice wood bench kit created by popular mechanics. The workbench is the most important tool in any shop. A virtual showpiece bristles with bench dogs, vies and hold down clamps. It is viewed as a standard for artisanship. This simple popular mechanics workbench goes well with ordinary lags crews, ordinary construction lumber at a top assembled one and two’s joined with a threaded rod. This woodbench has been designed to be a strong and unpretentious partner to support woodworking projects over the years. With that said, this project requires circular saw, handsaw, block plane, doweling jig, tape measure, twists bits and squares.



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