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Veritas Router Planes

Woodworking is a technique that entails creating of items by carving them out of wood. Just like other skills, wood carving requires using special tools. The quality of woodworking highly relies on the use of the most appropriate tools. A good example of a mandatory tool required to work through grooves when comes to wood working is the Veritas router plane. At a point that requires a moderate depth cutting, a veritas plane would be the most applicable. The depth traveled by the blade is usually constrained by a systematic feed that locks and stops further depth at a pace of 1/32” per turn.

Uniqueness of Veritas Router Planes

There other planes used for woodworking but what makes Veritas Router Planes any different? Firstly, Veritas router planes have a spring loaded blade clamping collar that stabilizes the position of the blade upon loosening of the collar. The collar regulates depth adjustment to at least 1”. Additionally, you can set the collar for easy blade removal or conveniently to handle the hinge gains.


The Veritas plane just like other planes is designed to high standards and is ground flat. Its weight is appropriately tailored with large wooden knobs that are appropriately customized for excellent control as well as comfort.

The Veritas plane contains two steel-cutters, a two piece stick point sharp edge for the last smoothing. Likewise, a jig for honing the cutting edge is additionally included. Aside from simply utilizing Veritas Router Planes for grooves and dadoes, the switch plane is expressly significant for decorating work or for wiping out zones where fine control is obligatory for example in equipment establishment.


The inlay cutter head shown above is useful since it lets you confront inlaid purling, stringing or banding. The inlay cutter head is usually sold separately and it consists of two slicing blades that make it easy to make perfect groove outlines.

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