Assemble the Steel City 10inch hybrid table saw.



Play list【モノを仕立てる Be ready for use, Tune up.】(
Play list【モノを創る Create, Build.】(
Play list【モノを観察する Observation.】(
テーブルソーを分解する Take a parts of the table saw.(
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Steel City MW35960-JP 10インチハイブリッドテーブルソー
モノタロウ S-VCTF2X3 ソフトビニールキャップタイヤケーブル(白黒緑/黄)
明工社 ME2547N ゴムプラグ(接地2P)
RYOBI G-101 ディスクグラインダー(12000rpm・5.5A,φ100mm*4mm*15mm)
TAJIMA ZL19-55 コンベックスメジャー
シンワ 58698 クラックスケール 直尺15cmタイプ
シンワ 62189 止型スコヤ
PELTOR H510A 防音用イヤーマフ(NRR21dB)
モノタロウ HF136 安全メガネ
3M 8805-DS2 防じんマスク(排気弁付)

Knockout 1 - Da Tooby (Epidemic Sound)
Quotes 2 - Anders Bothén (Epidemic Sound)
Quotes 1 - Anders Bothén (Epidemic Sound)
Le Chat Noir 1 - Martin Landh (Epidemic Sound)


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You'll have a number of options as well as functions to consider if you're in the market for a table saw. To make the most effective choice, a standard understanding of the "inner operations" of this woodshop standard is important. Below, I'll define the primary table saw elements, exactly what makes them crucial, and what to try to find when it comes time to purchase.

The Table Saw Base - Greater Than Simply a Company Footing

Starting at the bottom, steel city table saw base residences the working parts of the saw, consisting of the trunnions, the arbor setting up, the industry equipments, and also occasionally the electric motor. On some saws, the base is a "cabinet" kind, meaning that a fully confined base expands all the way to the floor. Other saws have an open base, indicating that the base consists of a steel box that surrounds the inner working parts of the saw on 4 sides, yet not the bottom. Open base saws have legs that prolong downward from the bottom of the base to the floor.

A few recent additions to the table saw market integrate features of cabinet-base saws and open-base saws. These "hybrid" saws have both a totally enclosed base and legs. The tiny, encased base of the crossbreed saw promotes dirt collection and also limits noise. A prominent option for enthusiast and also little expert stores, hybrid table saws are also lighter and also more affordable than typical cupboard table saws.

Table Saw Motor, Trunnions, and also Arbor Assembly

The motor, trunnions, arbor setting up, as well as tailoring compose the necessary mechanical parts of the saw. These high quality and also toughness of these parts differs substantially and can considerably influence the resilience of the saw, its capacity for cutting hefty supply as well as its capability to stay in adjustment as well as hold setups.

Many table saws - besides small bench top versions - are equipped with induction kind motors in the 1 - 5 HP variety. On larger saws, you'll frequently locate a "entirely encased, fan cooled" (TEFC) induction motor. A TEFC electric motor is made for constant duty and is sealed against dirt and other pollutants - a considerable benefit in a woodshop.

Saws especially made for enthusiasts and residence usage are generally equipped with electric motors under 3 HP and also can be operated on basic 110 volt domestic wiring. Generally, motors in this class are powerful sufficient for regular cutting of sheet goods and hardwoods as much as 1" thick. Professional-class saws, on the other hand, have motors in the 3- 5 HP range and require a 220 volt power supply. Motors in this category are developed to withstand hours of constant task, and also have sufficient power to reduce thick, heavy hardwood supply without slowing down.

The The Table Surface and also Extension Wings

As one of the most massive parts of the saw, the table surface area also plays a major role in soaking up vibration. Due to the fact that of the demand for rigidity, monotony and also mass, cast iron is the material of selection for the top of a table saw. On a quality saw, the table is made using a large quantity of cast iron and state-of-the-art foundry methods.

Many table saws can be purchased with optional extension wings. Table extension wings bolt on the right and left sides of the table as well as increase the area of the saw in order to help sustain broad supply and sheet materials. On a heavy duty stationary saw, the expansions are normally cast iron, while on smaller sized saws, they may be made from lighter stamped steel or the lighter "webbed" style of cast iron.

One drawback of lighter-weight table extensions is that they have less mass, and the total mass of the saw is exactly what soaks up the vibration crated by the motor and other relocating components. The added mass of heavy actors iron expansion wings reduces resonance, which consequently assists the saw remain in calibration, and also aids it stay planted firmly on the shop floor. On more economical saws, expansions made of stamped metal, or ones that aren't accuracy ground, can also endanger the general monotony of the table surface.

Other saws have an open base, indicating that the base is composed of a metal box that borders the internal working parts of the saw on four sides, but not the base. A few recent additions to the table saw market integrate functions of cabinet-base saws as well as open-base saws. A preferred selection for enthusiast and little professional stores, crossbreed table saws are likewise lighter as well as a lot more cost effective compared to typical cabinet table saws.

Table expansion wings screw on to the right and also left sides of the table and also boost the surface location of the saw to aid support large supply and sheet materials. On a heavy task fixed saw, the extensions are typically cast iron, while on smaller saws, they may be made of lighter stamped steel or the lighter "webbed" design of cast iron.
テーブルソーの構造を観察し、組立てます。各部調整を行い、高精度加工が可能なテーブルソーになりました。とても丈夫なトラニオン構造に満足。▼関連動画Play list【モノを仕立てる Be ready for use, Tune up.】( list【モノを創る Create, Build.】( list【モノを観察する Observation.】(テーブルソーを分解する Take a parts of the table saw.( list【モノを再生する Restoration, Modify, Remake.】( list【モノを修理する Repair, Maintenance.】(▼動画に登場するアイテムSteel City MW35960-JP 10インチハイブリッドテーブルソーモノタロウ S-VCTF2X3 ソフトビニールキャップタイヤケーブル(白黒緑/黄)明工社 ME2547N ゴムプラグ(接地2P)RYOBI G-101 ディスクグライ&#...