Enjoy this life size tic-tac-toe board in dominoes!
It includes over 5,000 dominoes and took about a day to build!

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Stand, Take A Seat, Reverse

This is a fantastic evaluation game for shapes, angles and more.

1) Draw the numerous shapes on the board.

2) Indicate each shape and state its name.

3) Students duplicate the shape's name.

4) Say the wrong name for some shapes.

5) When you state the wrong name students should stand up, sit down and turn around at their desks as fast as they can.

6) The side that does this the fastest gets the point.

7) Play till the class seems confident calling the shapes.

If you have some slower kids simply choose somebody from each side to play rock, paper, scissors for the point to prevent humiliating a sluggish student that is last whenever. This is a fantastic game to obtain kids moving and to evaluate terms.

Draw the Instructor

This is a fun video game specifically for more youthful trainees.

1) Draw 2 blank bodies on the board.

2) Have 2 trainees answer a question.

2) Trainees come and respond to to the board to draw a body part.

3) The group with the craziest looking instructor wins the game.

4) I typically tell them which body part to draw.

If you wish to extend the game make the students draw things like earrings, facial hair, hats, t-shirt logos etc.

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

This is an enjoyable review game that includes everybody.

1) Draw three blank tic-tac-toe boards on the board.

2) Divide the class into 2 teams.

3) Pick two students and inquire both a concern.

4) Students answer the questions and then pertain to the board.

5) With the help of their team trainees pick where to put their X or O.

6) The group with the most lines at the end of the game wins.

, if you desire to extend the video game include more tic-tac-toe boards.
Enjoy this life size tic-tac-toe board in dominoes!It includes over 5,000 dominoes and took about a day to build!Subscribe to TheRGMGuy01 - me at - dynamicdominoes@gmail.comSocial Media:Facebook - - - Dynamic Domino - to Dynamic Domino - by Cody for watching!Please Like, Comment, and SubscribeSee more here:, Take A Seat, ReverseThis is a fantastic evaluation game for shapes, ang...