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Hello and welcome to Woodworking with Edward Short. My project today is to build a coffee table to along with the stands I just built. The gentlemen whom I built the stands for came by and seen them and really liked them and wanted to build a coffee table to along with the set. I haven't had a chance to draft any plans which is often

the case. I discussed a few details and measurements with him. So I made this sketch which I will hang on the wall and use as a reference as I am building the project. The material for the project is the same material I used to build the stands which is Douglas Fir. The finished needs to match exactly so I kept detailed notes on how I applied it and

the colors I used. This way if I want to replicate the colors on another piece I can refer back to my notes. One thing I keep in mind when I am designing a piece is the finish. The finish is just as important as the construction and design of your piece. One compliments the other. So I need to get the material. I just did an outline for the

pieces on the material. So let me show you what I did. I started off by laying out for the rough cuts then I wrote the piece description of each piece on the material so this way it helps keep everything organized. This helps utilize the board you can plan the cuts. Now this knot goes all the way through so I have to plan the cuts around that. This

piece will make up the corbels so it's a scrap piece. To cut the rough cuts I am going to use the circular saw. Also I am going to put a couple of scrap boards under the material to help support the board while I am cutting the pieces. Before I begin I using any power tools I need to mention workshop Safety. Read and follow the directions and procedures

on using your power tools. Wearing the proper safety gear such as eye and hearing protection along with a dust mask will help avoid personal injuries. Douglas Fir is quite dusty so I will need to use a dust mask. I use two inch material for most of my projects. It's easier to plane a one and a half inch board down to one inch. Than it is to glue

two boards together. Most of my table tops I prefer to make them one inch or thicker. This gives the piece a better proportional look , plus the piece looks solid. Here are pieces that make up the coffee table. Let me give you a quick over view. The pieces I can not use I will take to fire pit and burn. This scrap piece makes up the corbels. These three

pieces make up the table top which I will rip into thin strips and glue them together. These two pieces are the short rails. These two pieces are the long rails. Then here are eight pieces that will make up the four...

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Woodworking can be an excellent hobby for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a specialist, or are just getting going, there is always something new for you to discover the woodworking ability. , if you like to learn more about this pastime you should check out the short article that follows below for some excellent advice.


Make sure your workspace is safe, well-lit and arranged. Dealing with woods is tough work, and it threatens work when your workspace is dim and there are security dangers in the area. Make sure there are no spills, tripping hazards and other security dangers that are a catastrophe waiting to take place.

Prior to practicing sophisticated woodworking techniques, make sure you have actually got the essentials down. Typically those advanced methods depend on you knowing the essentials like the back of your hand. You'll more than likely discover discovering to be a really aggravating experience if you don't. Start sluggish, and work up from there.

If you are attempting brand-new abilities, make certain that you practice on some wood that has no worth, like some scraps. You do not want to squander a pricey piece of wood prior to you understand precisely what you are doing. As soon as you have mastered your new skills, you can move to a better piece of wood.

Take advantage of several tools instead of trying to do all of your deal with simply one. A jig, a tablesaw, a bandsaw and a lathe all have their own usages. It is essential that you understand what each of these tools do and you use them accordingly while doing the job.

If you are going to be doing a huge woodworking task on the outside of your house, check to make sure it is within the rules. Your city government may have zoning regulations or even an authorization procedure needed for structures like garages, decks as well as storage sheds. Examine with your area association if there is one.

Ensure you buy the best tool for the task. It would be tough to do all the cutting with a hand saw when you are building a wood deck onto your house. Rather, you ought to cut with a circular saw. A circular saw is electrical; nevertheless, a hand saw is not.

You may take pleasure in consuming a beer while you are doing woodworking. However, dealing with a saw and drinking is an awful mix. Drinking alcohol can trigger major injuries when dealing with power tools. This guideline applies to any drug that may impact your capability to think clearly, whether legal or not.

What this means is to not get lost in chasing after perfectionism or analysis paralysis. Be proud of exactly what you are able to do with woodworking, and do exactly what you can to find out particular skills that improve on what you already have actually mastered.

As you read at the start of this short article, there is a lot that you can find out about woodworking that you will never understand whatever. Nevertheless, despite the fact that that is a fact, there is no reason to not attempt. Now that you read this short article you know a bit more, and continuing to discover will only lead you to being a much better woodworker.

Make sure your work location is safe, well-lit and arranged. Working with woods is difficult work, and it is hazardous work when your work area is dim and there are security risks in the location. Take benefit of a number of tools instead of attempting to do all of your work on just one. Working with a saw and drinking is a terrible mix. Drinking alcohol can trigger severe injuries when working with power tools.
Hello and welcome to Woodworking with Edward Short. My project today is to build a coffee table to along with the stands I just built. The gentlemen whom I built the stands for came by and seen them and really liked them and wanted to build a coffee table to along with the set. I haven't had a chance to draft any plans...