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How to Make Money Woodworking from Home: Secrets Revealed

Most hobbyists are probably thinking or dreaming of learning the best strategies on how to make money woodworking from home. Nothing can be more rewarding that retiring from a wood shop, but still being able to bring some income as you enjoy your hobby.

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Starting a woodworking business can be an interesting and rewarding career, especially to those who are good with their hands. Though, unfortunately, if you’re not familiar with the practical tips in regard to how to make money woodworking from home, this would lead to a slow progress. Furthermore, as a hobbyist, you can create what you want without spending a lot of money on it; while professionals should create what the customer wants in order to earn.



That said, before one can finally enjoy making money woodworking, here are some of the things to be considered:

Market Research

It’s important to gather as many sources of patterns, plans, and kits as possible. Try to look for ideas in regard with wood projects that make money. Then, from these sources, pick a few and create a product. Aside from being able to practice, the products can be shown to family and friends and see what they think about it.

Did they like it? Which ones? Is it possible to improve it even more?

If you really want to make money woodworking, you should start out with a line of 15-20 items, and make sure to review the sources carefully. Look for those who sell woodcraft patters, plan, or kits. These people can serve as your inspiration as you think of a project that would sell. This can easily be identified by where they appear in catalogs. Wherein, the best sellers are in front, back, inside front and back covers of the catalogs. Likewise, the products featured on the first pages are usually the best sellers as well.

Concentrate on Ways to Make Pieces Precisely and Efficiently

It takes a modest investment of time and tools, but it’s definitely worth it. There are plenty of woodworkers limping along building furniture in a difficult way, requiring a lot of time just to make a new piece. Look for tools that will enable you to create something with minimum time involved.

Tool Upgrades

As a woodworker, you should invest in segmented spiral cut heads and try to upgrade your existing tools with new cutter heads. This would reduce tear-out, quieter, and a great way to maximize time when sanding and finishing.

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Have Professional Quality Pictures of Your Work

The better the images are, the more chances that you’ll be able to sell these to prospective clients. Although some would look beyond a poor quality image, most customers won’t. It’s also ideal to have an attractive business card ready to, just in case someone asks for it.

Have a Schedule
Even though you’re only working at home, you should still see to it that the project would be completed in a timely manner, and as promised. It’s disrespectful to not come through after saying you’ll have a piece done, and if it becomes apparent that you wouldn’t be able to deliver what you said, then you’re going to lose clients.

Also, if things don’t go well when building commissions, never deliver a piece that isn’t high quality at all, just because you’re not making as much money from it. Keep in mind, that piece would serve as a representation of you for years to come, and even though you’re earning less, you’re still building a relationship with a client.

Take Down Notes When Building New Pieces
It’s important to keep track of the time required, techniques to be used, and don’t forget to take down notes about the project. There will be instances where you’ll forget how you build a particular furniture, and this would be complete waste of time and money, especially if you have no choice, but to figure things out again.

Don’t Hire Someone to Do It For You

Lastly, if you really want to be successful in woodworking, then you should do everything by yourself, unless it’s too complicated. This includes building a website. Though, if you’re really technologically challenged, and there’s nothing much that you can do, then try your best to look for the most affordable way to get some help.